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Since 2015, we have provided custom portable buildings, metal garages, and carports designed with precision and fabricated at the highest quality to residents and businesses in Hertford County.

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Our team of experienced building consultants will then provide some design suggestions and begin to create a 3D model of the building proposal. Once we’ve narrowed down the basic design, we go over the optional features for each building style. After the customer has made all the design decisions, we will be able to provide the customer with an exact written and professionally organized quote for their review. If multiple quotes are required, it’s not a problem for our team to create alternate versions of the building.

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We Have 3 Convenient Locations!

Over the years, Owners Ryan and Christy have expanded their dealerships to the Dunn and then Kinston areas.  The Old Hickory Buildings are available for sale anywhere in North Carolina, including Hertford County!  However, most of our wooden buildings are sold within 50 miles of our sales locations.  Our metal buildings can be delivered and installed anywhere within North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, West Virginia and even to parts of Eastern Tennessee.  

The Story of Hinton Buildings

Hinton Buildings Opens First Location

Ryan, Owner & founder, in the early days

In 2015, after returning from working four years in Afghanistan, owner Ryan Malham (against the wishes of his wife, Christy) moved forward with selling wooden and metal buildings at the Princeton location. Things did not go well. After poor sales and lots of frustrating days without sales, Ryan eventually had to return to contracting in Afghanistan.  He and Christy made an agreement about when he could return.  She would work to learn how to sell buildings and he would work to build the website and Facebook marketing from his tiny room in Kabul.

We are a Family Run Business Built to Help Other Families

Eventually, after 18 months, Christy was able to consistently sell enough buildings to match Ryan's contracting income.  In November of 2016, Ryan returned from Afghanistan and began to supercharge the business by also making sales.  The duo were open seven days per week working together to sell as many buildings as possible. 

They were awarded with the $1 Million Dollar annual sales award from Old Hickory Buildings and were in the top 10 dealers in North America.  With over 700 dealers in the Old Hickory Buildings network, that's quite an accomplishment.  Each year since, they have consistently sold over $1 million in wooden buildings.  In recent years, they have reached over $2 million in sales!  Hinton Buildings has served many customers in Hertford County.

The Malham Family

Metal Buildings & Metal Garages Paved Our Way to Success

The true breakthrough was learning how to sell larger metal garages. Since that time, they have helped hundreds of customers get the buildings of their dreams.  With experiences ranging from backyard workshops to fire stations and everything in between, our team is ready to help you design and build your perfect metal or wooden building in Hertford County.

We work closely with our customers to provide them with the best customer service in the business. We normally start by meeting a prospective customer in person at one of our sales locations or chatting with them on the phone or online. We ask many questions regarding the purpose of the building, the size requirement and any space restrictions that limit the size.

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