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Uncovering the Basics of How Auger Anchors Secure Sheds

Auger anchors are fasteners used to secure sheds and other structures to the ground. They’re a popular choice for garden shed installation because they’re easy to use, and provide a secure anchor for most types of sheds. This article will explore the basics of how auger anchors secure sheds.

Everything You Need To Know About Using Auger Anchors To Anchor Sheds

Auger anchors consist of two parts: the helix and the shank. The helix is the spirally screw-like part of the anchor. This part serves to “screw” the anchor into the ground when it is driven or twisted in. The shank is the straight part of the anchor, usually made of hardened steel.

These two parts work together to provide a secure, long-lasting anchor. When the auger anchors are driven or twisted into the ground, the helix creates a strong and secure “bite” into the soil, while the shank provides a sturdy anchor point that can support the shed.

Make Sheds Secure With Auger Anchors: Learn How

Auger anchors can be driven into the soil with either a hand-held manual driver or an electric powered driver. Manual drivers are great for smaller sizes of auger anchors, while an electric powered driver can handle larger sizes of auger anchors.

When installing the auger anchors, it is important to ensure that the anchor is twisted in far enough so that the helix of the anchor is securely biting into the soil. Using a hammer or mallet to tap the anchor can help ensure that the anchor is properly installed.

Securing Sheds: An Introduction to Auger Anchors

After the auger anchors are installed, the shed can then be securely fastened to them. Generally, heavy-duty lag screws are used to attach the shed to the anchors. It is important to use the correct size screws and to make sure they are screwed in all the way.

Additionally, it is important to make sure the shed is level, so the lag screws will be properly distributed and the shed is stable. A level is used to make sure the shed is level before it is secured to the auger anchors.

Maximizing Your Shed's Security: Utilizing Auger Anchors

To maximize the strength of the shed’s anchoring system, some sheds have a steel bracket that is attached to both the anchor and the frame of the shed. This type of bracket helps to better distribute weight and increase the strength of the anchoring system.

It is important to note that auger anchors work best when installed on solid and level surfaces, such and soil, crushed stone, and gravel. Auger anchors can also be used to secure sheds on sloped ground, but it is important to check that the anchors are properly installed and that the shed is level.


Auger anchors are an effective and easy-to-install way to secure a shed. They’re a great choice for both novice and experienced installers, as they are easy to use and provide a secure anchor point. With the right tools and techniques, anyone can install auger anchors to securely hold shed to the ground.

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