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Get Creative: Organizing a Lofted Barn in Style!

A lofted barn is a great way to create storage space and bring a modern, sophisticated look to any household. The natural wood finish and classic construction of these structures create a perfect backdrop for whatever purpose you have in mind. But how best to utilize your new addition? Whether you’re looking for a cozy corner to curl up in, an evergreen work-space, or simply looking to maximize your storage capabilities, these tips and tricks will help you make the most of your lofted barn.

A Room of One's Own: Tips for Lofting Your Barn

A lofted barn is essentially just a generous but limitlessly customizable canvas for creative organization. Before getting to the nitty gritty of layout, it’s wise to clarify what you think the main purpose of the space will be, as this will guide all the decisions you make on the project. Consider if you’ll need a loft, what’s the expected occupancy and how much breathing room should be left. Most of all, how do you envision the finished space? Browse through pictures or home design magazines to gather ideas, color palettes, or furniture pieces that you can use during the building process.

Maximizing Space: Strategies for Barn Loft Organization

When organizing your lofted barn, try to maximize the available space by creating zones for different purposes that can transition easily from one to the other. When it comes to larger spaces, it’s best to organize the furniture in smaller groups, making sure there’s enough space to move around. Also be sure to consider using corner pieces like benches or desks, or multifunctional furniture like ottomans and daybeds to reach all of your storage needs. Don’t forget the walls! Utilize the area around and above the windows with floating shelf’s, racks, and drawers.

Building Upward: Get the Most Out of Your Lofted Barn

If there’s one element to consider when organizing your lofted barn, it's using the vertical space as much as possible. Take advantage of the area near the roof by adding shelving for extra storage, like linen cubbies, baskets, and boxes. Alternately, build in a ladder and use the loft for additional sleeping quarters. Adding custom cabinets and drawers are another great way to create additional organized storage and can be secured with architectural hinges and handles.

Turn Up the Volume: Transform Your Barn Loft into Something Special

Now that the practical aspects of your loft are taken care of, it’s time to make the space come alive by bringing in texture and personality. How? Just add some glitter! On one hand, decorate the entire area with paint and add colorful furniture. On the other, layer with throw pillows and curtains while adding a touch of magic with a few art pieces. Transform your barn loft into the cozy, stylish space you’ve always dreamed of.


Organizing a barn loft is a really simple way to bring convenience and style to your home.These ideas and tips are here to guide you in creating the perfect sanctuary in your lofted barn. So if you’re ready to get your diy on and get creative with the interior design of your new space, now’s the time!

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