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La Grange #30: 8 X 12 Side Lofted Barn

Original price was: $4,040.00.Current price is: $3,434.00.

8 X 12 Side Lofted Barn in Clay with Barn White trim & Burnished Slate roof. Rent to own from $135.77 per month. Sales Price with Tax: $3,665.80

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8X12 Side Lofted Barn with Clay siding with Barn White trim & Burnished Slate roof. Additional Options: 150 MPH Wind Rating, 2×3 Window, Painted Trim, T&G Flooring

Welcome to your next big investment opportunity! Old Hickory Buildings, a renowned name in the industry, has just unleashed their latest creation – an 8 X 12 Side Lofted Barn, impeccably styled to meet the needs of modern consumers. This majestic piece is available for immediate purchase from Hinton Buildings at an unbelievable discounted price!

The building showcases a Clay-colored siding that beautifully complements its Barn White trim and Burnished Slate roof. These choice colors create a harmonious blend, making it a perfect addition regardless of your property’s aesthetic.

Functionality is at the forefront of this design. The Side Lofted Barn comes equipped with strategic features aimed at providing convenience and durability. With a 150 MPH Wind Rating, you can rest assured of its resilience against harsh weather conditions. A 2×3 window allows an adequate influx of natural light, creating a warm and inviting interior ambience.

Finer details haven’t been overlooked either! The barn boasts a Painted Trim – an upscale feature that enhances its overall appeal. Additionally, T&G flooring ensures longevity while adding a touch of sophistication.

Now, let’s talk savings! This fantastic structure is currently offered at an exceptional discount of 15%, which puts $606 back into your pocket. Isn’t that amazing? Seize this opportunity to own a product of superior craftsmanship from Old Hickory Buildings at a price that’s as attractive as the building itself! Act now, and add this magnificent Side Lofted Barn to your property today!

Rent to Own Monthly Pricing:

Security Deposit: $171.70 (5% of the pre-tax building price)
36 Months: $170.11 per month
48 Months: $153.10 per month
60 Months: $135.77 per month  (NEW OPTION!!!!)

No credit check.  Everyone is approved for rent to own through our wooden building leasing company.  Some restrictions apply.  Free delivery within 30 miles of our La Grange location.

Please Note: While we do our best to ensure accurate pricing, surcharges, sales, and pricing changes are common in our industry.  Please be aware the pricing may change at any time for any reason.  Prices shown online and in our buildings may not be accurate during times of pricing changes.

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This Building Is Located at Our La Grange Location:
6608 Hwy 70 West
La Grange, NC 28551
[email protected]

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