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LP Smart Siding is a revolutionary siding product from Louisiana-Pacific Corporation (LP). It is an engineered wood product that has been designed to give homeowners an attractive, durable, and energy-efficient siding option for their homes and businesses. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using LP Smart Siding, including its durability and energy savings, as well as the maintenance considerations that come with using the product. We will also cover how this product adds value to your home.

What is LP Smart Siding? An Overview

LP Smart Siding is a premium engineered wood product developed by LP. It is a treated material created from pressed wood that is designed to be more durable, moisture and impact resistant than regular wood siding. The product also comes with a wide range of colors and styles, so you can match or complement the look of your home for a desirable result. LP Smart Siding also contains a special additive to help protect it from harmful UV rays and insect infestations.

Benefits of Installing LP Smart Siding

LP Smart Siding offers a host of benefits compared to traditional wood and vinyl siding. For starters, the product is much stronger than wood, making it ideal for homes in areas with inclement weather. LP Smart Siding also stands up to extreme temperatures better than wood or vinyl, and it is easier to clean and maintain.

In addition, LP Smart Siding helps improve the curb appeal of a home. The vibrant colors and finishes available will make your home stand out from the rest and can help you sell in a competitive market. LP Smart Siding also requires significantly less maintenance than other siding materials, as it is resistant to staining, fading and warping.

LP Smart Siding: Maintenance and Durability Considerations

One of the most appealing benefits of LP Smart Siding is that it can last for up to 50 years with minimal maintenance. Despite its lasting performance, however, the product still requires regular maintenance in order to keep its original appeal. Occasional inspection, cleaning and re-coating are necessary in order to keep the product’s structural integrity and attractivity.

How LP Smart Siding Enhances Home Value

LP Smart Siding also adds value to a home due to its durability and longevity. Potential buyers may be attracted to a home with LP Smart Siding because of the low-maintenance features and the product’s ability to withstand severe weather. The product also offers the bonus of energy efficiency, which can be attractive to those looking to save money on their utility bills.

Get Started: Choosing the Right LP Smart Siding for Your Home

LP Smart Siding is an ideal choice for homeowners looking to add style and value to their home. Choosing the right LP Smart Siding starts with finding the perfect fit for your home and budget. LP offers a variety of styles, colors and textures, so finding the one that best fits your style is a breeze. From there, you can work on installation, maintenance and repairs for years to come.


LP Smart Siding is a great choice for any homeowners looking for an economical, durable, energy-efficient siding option for their home. This product offers the added benefits of low maintenance, improved curb appeal, and increased home value. Whether you’re searching for the perfect style, color and texture to blend with your home, LP Smart Siding could be the perfect choice for you.

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