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Hinton Buildings Opens First Location

In 2015, after returning from working four years in Afghanistan, owner Ryan Malham (against the wishes of his wife, Christy) moved forward with selling wooden and metal buildings at the Princeton locationThings did not go well. After poor sales and lots of frustrating days without sales, Ryan eventually had to return to contracting in Afghanistan.  He and Christy made an agreement about when he could return.  She would work to learn how to sell buildings and he would work to build the website and Facebook marketing from his tiny room in Kabul.

Ryan, Owner & founder, in the early days

We are a Family Run Business Built to Help Other Families

Eventually, after 18 months, Christy was able to consistently sell enough buildings to match Ryan’s contracting income.  In November of 2016, Ryan returned from Afghanistan and began to supercharge the business by also making sales. The duo were open seven days per week working together to sell as many buildings as possible. 

They were awarded with the $1 Million Dollar annual sales award from Old Hickory Buildings and were in the top 10 dealers in North America.  With over 700 dealers in the Old Hickory Buildings network, that’s quite an accomplishment.  Each year since, they have consistently sold over $1 million in wooden buildings.  In recent years, they have reached over $2 million in sales!

About the Author:

Ryan Malham
As owner and founder of Hinton Buildings, Ryan has a wealth of knowledge related to both wooden and metal storage buildings.

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