Our Old Hickory Buildings brand of wooden framed buildings can have either low or high wind ratings depending on how the building is ordered and in which factory it was constructed.  Our Princeton and Dunn locations pull inventory from the Sanford factory.  This factory doesn’t automatically include the high wind rating on the structures.  Our Kinston location pulls from the Vanceboro factory.  This factory does automatically include the high wind rating in the design of the buildings.  The higher wind rating adds additional rafter ties and timberlock wood ties that connect from the top plates up into the rafters. The standard wind rating is 105mph. The high wind rating is 150mph.

In order to reach the full wind rating, the buildings must be anchored to the ground with approved methods.  Normally, this is accomplished with 3′ long trailer anchors and metal straps that run under the floor of the building.  Our haulers may be hired to add anchors to your building for an additional labor fee.

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