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We hope that you find this metal building buyer’s guide helpful and easy to read. Feel free to share any comments that you may have with our staff. You can always reach us at our website, email, Facebook page, or by phone. You can expect the utmost honesty from us regarding the process of your order.

Unit 1: Determining What You Need

1.1: How To Know If A Metal Building Is What You Want Or Need?

Are you looking for a nice, beautiful, and perfect metal garage for your home or property? Here are a few things which will help you choose your dream garage:

Vehicle Protection

Almost every type of garage (wood, metal, etc.) can protect our vehicle from rain, dust, and soot. However, a prefabricated metal garage can be fitted with strong locks. It is a perfect solution against “grand theft auto.”

Budget Limitations

If you have any budget limitations, a metal garage will cost significantly less than other types of garages.

Low-maintenance Cost

You can rest easy about termites, mold, or decay if you are choosing a metal garage. Metal will considerably cut your maintenance costs. Our metal garages use 2.5 inch tubular steel which is rust resistant and comes with a 20 year rust through warranty.

Home Value

A permitted metal garage can increase the overall value of your property. The garage area can be sold for half the value of the house area. You will surely get back the money you have invested.

Time and Cost Effective

If you are short on time­­­­ and do not want to be embroiled in a complicated project of measuring, cutting, and nailing boards, you might consider our prefabricated metal garages. Once your foundation is ready and you have been scheduled, all you need to do is tell the crew where to construct the building and where you want your doors and windows.  As you know, “Time is money.” The garage will cost less compared to a traditional contractor constructed wooden garage. Simply put, a metal garage is time and cost effective!


In the past, one of the main reasons for not choosing the metal garage was its cheap stigma. They were basic and came in only one design. However, things have changed. At Hinton Buildings, you can customize your metal garage by changing its size, roof pitch, eave size, shape, and color to suit your needs as well as budget!

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1.2: When Not To Opt For A Metal Garage?

As with everything else in this world, metal garages have their pros and cons. The pros were enumerated above. Here are some of the cons that might lead you to reconsider your choice of metal garages:

Budget Under $5,000

Garage pricing generally begins at $5000, all depending on size and options selected for the garage. This doesn’t include the cost of concrete slab for the foundation. However, you can choose to order a carport, which will cost significantly less. They will cost around one-third of a metal garage, and are still customizable. You can find out more about carports on our website,

Short on Time

In the previous section, we argued that metal garages need less time to be built. However, there may be some delays due to permit approval, weather, and transportation time. If you need a garage to be built immediately, the scheduling timeline begins when your foundation is ready. Generally, the wait time once the foundation is ready is  4-8 weeks. This can vary based on weather and order backlogs.

Attached Garage

Usually, prefabricated metal garages need 3 feet of spacing from all the sides to set them up properly. It means that there might be some space between the main building and our metal garage. The local authorities may require additional spacing according to their rules. Check with your local permitting office.

This means that if you want an attached garage, you must talk to a contractor who can advise you best about your needs.

Garage with a Living Area

Our prefabricated metal garages are designed for risk category 1, according to the stamped engineered drawings and are best for housing vehicles and storage. If you want a living area inside, you need to check with your local building code office to inquire about residing inside a tubular steel constructed building. You may need to purchase site specific drawings if you are turning the building into a home.

Homeowner Association (HOA) Regulations

Some Homeowner Associations (HOA) might object to a detached garage. Check their requirements and get permission to have a detached metal garage constructed in your yard before purchasing.

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