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When a load of ordinary 10×20 utility sheds were delivered to Dillwyn, Virginia, it seemed that these sheds would just be used for basic storage or another everyday purpose. However, the local contractor transformed these sheds into something unexpected: an outdoor restroom facility with an accessible interior. This transformation was quite amazing, with the addition of an outdoor shower, sink, and two accessible ramps built into the design. People of Dillwyn are amazed with the results and are showing their admiration and support for this unique project.

Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds Create DIY Accessible Outdoor Restroom Facility

Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds have been in the business of creating and transforming sheds since 1995. They have continued to produce quality sheds and buildings that meet the demands of their customers. When the contractor from Dillwyn, Virginia, requested the transformation of several 10×20 utility sheds into an outdoor restroom facility, Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds answered their call. Using all the necessary materials, components, and tools, Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds built an outdoor restroom from the ground up. With their specialized shed transformation services, they created an outdoor accessible restroom that is designed to meet the needs of everyone visiting Dillwyn, Virginia.

Newly Transformed Utility Sheds Create Unique Outdoor Restrooms in Dillwyn, Virginia

The two 10×20 utility sheds transformed by Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds into an outdoor restroom facility have the basic components of any restroom facility. There is an outdoor shower, sink, and two accessible ramps leading into the finished bathroom. These components set this restroom apart from other outdoor restrooms because they provide accessibility and convenience to anyone who visits the facility. From the outside, the sheds appear to have gone through some transformation with its unique design, but once visitors go inside, they’ll notice the true transformation.

Dillwyn, VA Locals Are Impressed With New Outdoor Restroom Facility

The outdoor restroom facility in Dillwyn, Virginia, has been met with high praise from both locals and visitors alike. Many people are impressed with the way the contractor has transformed the ordinary 10×20 sheds into a functional and convenient outdoor restroom facility. The transformation of these sheds has shown how the everyday can be transformed into something extraordinary. It is also a great example of how accessible outdoor restrooms can be provided for visitors in a cost-effective way. This project has encouraged people in Dillwyn, Virginia, to be creative when it comes to improving the quality of their guest’s experience.

Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds Take a 10×20 Shed and Transform it Into an Outdoor Restroom

The transformation of this 10×20 utility shed into an outdoor restroom is a testament to the expertise and skills of the local contractor in Dillwyn, Virginia. The components included in the design have provided a unique and convenient experience for those who have visited the restroom facility. This is the perfect example of how to utilize existing materials and components to create something extraordinary. It also shows how businesses, such as Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds, can provide their services to create something amazing.


The transformation of a 10×20 utility shed in Dillwyn, Virginia, into an outdoor restroom facility has amazed both locals and visitors alike. This project is a great example of what can be done with existing materials and components. Old Hickory Buildings and Sheds provided the materials, components, and tools that allowed the local contractor to complete this transformation. The newly created outdoor restroom facility is a great example of how businesses and contractors can work together to create something that meets the needs of the community.

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